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Leisure itineraries

Leisure itineraries The knowledge of leisure and its manifestations in the lives of individuals and communities today is opening up new areas of research that are full of interest and possibilities.Beyond the mere occupation of free time, current research studies deal with new issues such as experimental leisure, the c
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On the leisure of young people

On the leisure of young people The 8th Report on Drugs and School, which was put together by a team of researchers from the Institute of Drug Dependency at the University of Deusto (Bilbao), was published last spring. The report maintains that after the age of 16, smoking jointsis commonplace among young people. Six ou
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Leisure Studies and Culture

  Leisure Studies and Culture: Reflections on Creative Leisure from an Empirical Research Perspective Leisure is a significant sector because of its economic importance and its impact on well-being or on current lifestyles. The enjoyment of culture, as a personal decision of the subject that experiences it, is als
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